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Ivan Bignami

Lives and works at Bergamo - Italy

Born 12/11/1972


Exhibitions: Personal exposure during the event Notti del Borgo, Via Borgo Santa Caterina, Bergamo, August 2014 -shows Two-person "Inside-Outside" in Levate (BG) from 14 to 29/03/2015 with artist Marco Gubellini -Participation In the collective exhibition curated by Anna Mola "Coffe Exposition" at the Spazioporpora gallery in Milan, from 22 to 29/06/2015 - Solo exhibition "Inside-Outside" and "incommunicable" at the exhibition hall of the bank BCC Treviglio (Bg) from 02 to 20/11/2015 - Solo exhibition "In Fabula" + "Expo2016-details emerged from the chaos" hosted in the exhibition space of Villa Tasca (historic villa) Brembate (Bg) from 30/04/16 to 05/08/16


I studied portrait and still-life at Mohole school in Milan and attended various workshops with photographers world-class wedding reportage. For my works are drawn to everything about communication (and the difficulty of communicating) between people and the dream-fairy-tale depiction of space. I think that photography has the ability to look beyond what is depicted and my research is moving in this direction.

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